The Purcell Society Companion Series

In 2008 the Purcell Society launched a new Companion Series to complement the main Purcell Society Edition. This series features music by some of Purcell’s contemporaries, composers who were important influences on Purcell.

The Companion Series is available from Stainer & Bell.

The following volumes are available or in preparation.

1 – Louis Grabu: Albion and Albanius (2008)
2 – John Blow: Venus and Adonis (2008)
3 – Giovanni Battista Draghi: ‘From harmony’ (A Song for St Cecilia’s Day, 1687) (2011)
4 – Restoration Trio Sonatas (2012)
5 – Odes on the Death of Henry Purcell (2013)
6 – English Keyboard Music 1650-1695 (in preparation – due to be published in 2016)

See also the Stainer & Bell Purcell Society brochure (PDF)