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Henry Purcell: Nine Anthems with Strings, edited by Margaret Laurie, Lionel Pike and Bruce Wood (Purcell Society Vol. 13)

Purcell Society Edition Volume 13 contains the following works by Purcell:

• My beloved spake (both the original and the revised version being presented in full)
• Behold, now praise the Lord
• They that go down to the sea in ships
• I will give thanks unto the Lord
• O Lord, grant the King a long life
• Behold, I bring you glad tidings
• Blessed are they that fear the Lord
• My song shall be always
• Thy way, O God, is holy (this is, for the first time, published complete with its instrumental movements, which survive only in the rediscovered Gostling Manuscript).

Publisher: Stainer & Bell
Publication date: 2016

The full score is available to purchase in hardback. Scores of the individual works are also available as digital downloads in PDF format. Performing material is also available for each work. For further information, please contact Stainer & Bell.

Note about the edition:

This edition supersedes the original Purcell Society Edition Vol. 13 edited by G.E.P. Arkwright, published by Novello & Co. in 1921 and the edition edited by Peter Dennison in 1988.