Henry Purcell: Nine Anthems with Strings, edited by Margaret Laurie, Lionel Pike and Bruce Wood (Purcell Society Vol. 13)

Purcell Society Edition Volume 13 contains the following works by Purcell:

  • My beloved spake (both the original and the revised version being
    presented in full)
  • Behold, now praise the Lord
  • They that go down to the sea in ships
  • I will give thanks unto the Lord
  • O Lord, grant the King a long life
  • Behold, I bring you glad tidings
  • Blessed are they that fear the Lord
  • My song shall be always
  • Thy way, O God, is holy (this is, for the first time, published complete with its instrumental movements, which survive only in the rediscovered Gostling Manuscript).

Publisher: Stainer & Bell.

Publication date: 2016

The full score is available to purchase in hardback. For further information, please contact Stainer & Bell.  Performing material is in preparation.

This edition supersedes the original Purcell Society Edition Vol. 13 edited by G.E.P. Arkwright, published by Novello & Co. in 1921 and the edition edited by Peter Dennison in 1988.