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Henry Purcell: Dramatic Music, Part One, edited by Margaret Laurie (Purcell Society Edition Vol. 16)

Purcell Society Edition Volume 16 contains Purcell’s music for the following stage works:

Abdelazer (Z. 570)
Amphitryon (Z. 572)
Aureng-Zebe (Z. 573)
Bonduca (Z. 574)
The Canterbury Guests (Z. 591)
Circe (Z. 575)
Cleomenes (Z. 576)
Cuckolds-Haven (Z. 494)
Distress’d Innocence (Z. 577)
Don Quixote (Parts 1-3) (Z. 578)
The Double Dealer (Z. 592)
The English Lawyer (Z. 594)
Epsom-Wells (Z. 579)

Publisher: Novello & Co. (now Wise Music)
Publication date: 2007

The full score is available to purchase in paperback.

Note about the edition:

This edition supersedes the original Purcell Society Edition Vol. 16 edited by Alan Gray, published by Novello & Co. in 1906.