Henry Purcell: Dramatic Music, Part Three, edited by Margaret Laurie (Purcell Society Edition Vol. 21)

Purcell Society Edition Volume 21 contains music for the following stage works:

Oedipus (Z. 583)
The Old Batchelour (Z. 607)
Oroonoko (Z. 584)
Pausanias (Z. 585)
Regulus (Z. 586)
The Richmond Heiress (Z. 608)
The Rival Sisters (Z. 609)
Rule a Wife and Have a Wife (Z. 587)
Sir Anthony Love (Z. 588)
Sir Barnaby Whigg (Z. 589)
Sophonisba (Z. 590)
The Spanish Fryar (Z. 610)
The Tempest (Z. 631/10) – Purcell’s song ‘Dear pretty youth’ only; the remaining music is now believed to be by John Weldon and is not included here.
Theodosius (Z. 606)
Tyrannick Love (Z. 613)
The Virtuous Wife (Z. 611)
The Wives Excuse (Z. 612)
Overture in Mr P[urcell’s] Opera

Publisher: Stainer & Bell

Publication date: 2010

The full score is available to purchase from Stainer & Bell in hardback. Offprints of individual works are also available to purchase separately. Please email Stainer & Bell for further details.

This new edition supersedes the original Purcell Society Edition Vol. 21 edited by Alan Gray, published by Novello & Co. in 1917.