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Henry Purcell: Symphony Songs, edited by Bruce Wood (Purcell Society Edition Vol. 27)

Purcell Society Edition Volume 27 contains the following ‘symphony songs’ (songs with instrumental accompaniment) by Henry Purcell:

Hark, Damon, hark! (Z. 541)
Hark how the wild musicians sing (Z. 542)
How pleasant is this flow’ry plain (Z. 543)
If ever I more riches did desire (Z. 544)
Oh! what a scene does entertain my sight! (Z. 506)
See where she sits (Z. 508)
Soft notes, and gently rais’d (Z. 510)
We reap all the pleasures (Z. 547)
In a deep vision’s intellectual scene (The Complaint) (Z. 545)

Publisher: Stainer & Bell
Publication date: 2008

The full score is available to purchase from Stainer & Bell in hardback. Offprints of each individual work are available to buy separately. A set of instrumental performing parts for works in the above volume is also available for sale. Please contact Stainer & Bell for further details.

Note about the edition:

This edition supersedes the original Purcell Society Edition Vol. 27, Miscellaneous odes and cantatas, edited by Arnold Goldsbrough and published in 1957. New editions of two of the works in the original Vol. 27 may be found in the new Purcell Society Edition Vol. 1, Three Occasional Odes.